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 Course Aerodrome Restart       

Course Goal

This engaging self-guided online course addresses the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on aerodromes, and the required interventions to ensure a safe restart. This course will inform and guide CAA and aerodrome operators in applying Annex 14, Volume I and other relevant ICAO provisions to ensure the safety, regularity, and efficiency of aerodrome operations after a partial or full aerodrome closure due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

A variety of interactive activities, including animations, knowledge checks, and checklist, will support your better learning experience. In addition, throughout the course, you have direct access to the specified sections of ICAO publications reference material. This course will prepare you with the knowledge and skills you will need on-the-job as the restrictions pertaining to the Pandemic are lifted, and the aviation industry returns to normal levels of operations.

Delivery Mode:Online 

Issuing Institution: International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada 

Training Area: Aerodromes  


Duration:1 day / 5 hours 



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